Sexy Christmas Hunk Medelling Santa Costume

I stayed up for Santa, I really did! and he posed for me :)


Funny Photo of mustache model

Was browsing for hot models and found this photo to share with you, why you say?
Well don't you think he's really sexy in that killer model pose? Or was you distracted by that enormous mustached stuck on his nose! :P

Angel Hunk From Heaven

Found a photo that summarised every women's dream, and hunky angel from the skies, nice fantasy feels a bit kinky, lost the masculine feeling on a man.

Sexy X-Men Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds stars in Wolverine movie, the young actor is the new Hollywood talent.
He will be Deadpool in the new fim X-Men Origins : Wolverine. The movie will release in the U.S. on the 1st May 2009.

Very expensive Clive Owen

The 40 something actor still has irresistible charm, but more importantly the full of talent. he has a fairly rich filmography, marked by choice somewhat desperate, but where, every time (at least for what I have seen), he reveals himself as an excellent actor.